Final mould checklist

Every mold has to be checked before shipment to make sure everything is made correctly and the mold is ready for production on client’s machine.Here are some main points to be checked



Checking details




Mold Appearance

1. No rust on any plate and grease applied for protection      
2. All mold plate edges are properly chamfered      
3. Project No. and part No. is applied on every part      
4.Logo and name plate is fixed according to request      
5.No scratches or damages and mis-drilled holes      
6. Number for cooling nozzles and in-out water is clearly marked below the nozzle or at the right side of the nozzle, e.g.:IN1  OUT1      
7. Nozzles for oil or air is clearly marked with in & out, with A in front for Air, and O in front for Oil.      
Parting surface 1.No mark for polishing on parting surface      
2.No mark for polishing on non-sealing surfaces      
3. No collapse for shut-off and kiss-off parts.      


1. check if there is any parts not processed according to 3D drawing      
2. no mark for welding in cavity  (un-confirmed welding)      
3. check for several surfaces after CNC machining      
4. check for several surfaces after EDM processing      
5. cavity is smooth, no scratches, no EDM marks, and blade marks.      
6. polishing at the rib is towards the ejection side      


1. inserts fit well, neither loose nor too tight. The surface is smooth after putting inserts      
2.If there are some changible insrts, easy to change? cushion at the bottom of the inserts      
4.chamfer at the bottom of inserts is smooth and no chamfer for bottom cooling water nozzles      
5. polishingn is fine for inserts?      


1.slider is processed according to the tolerance agreed      
2.slider is workign smoothly, not blocked or shaking      
3.the positioning of the slider is reliable and processed accoding to 3D drawings.      

Lifter scratches on the surface where the lifter is located.      
2.lifter can work smoothly?      
3.polishing for surface where the lifter is positioned is ok?      

Ejection system

1.The ejector plate can move smoothly without stucking anywhere.      
2.Every ejector pin can be put into the hole for assembly easily, turned easily, without shaking      
3. No chamfer for ejector hole, and the wall for the hole is smooth      
4. the ejector length is to be processed within dimension tolerance. pillar is 0.05-0.10mm higher than mold feet.      
6. air ejection path is clean? no oil or metal scraps? ejection is smooth?      
7. oil ejection path is clean without metal scraps? ejection is smooth?      

Cooling system

1. cooling water path is clean and made according to the 3D drawing?      
2. O-rings is reliable without leakage?      
3. thread for water nozzle is made according to client’s request?      
4. baffle is assembled correctly?      
5. seal groove is smooth?      





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